Facebook Removes Custom Default Landing Tab Feature and Replaces it with Timeline

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Facebook is finally rolling out the new changes to Facebook fan pages bringing over the timeline layout released earlier for personal pages.

Among the many changes, the most notable change is the removal of custom landing tabs or “fan gates” where marketers could offer something in return for a “like” before landing on the wall.

This method of generating fans was very powerful. In fact, there have been hundreds of fan page products released just for this purpose.

Here is a screen shot from Colin Costello showing the before and after. Notice the default landing tab option has been removed.



Facebook is also rumored to be releasing “Facebook offers” where fan page admins can create exclusive offers for their fans. Facebook also released fan private messages and over a dozen other features.

It will be interesting to see how Facebook fan page owners will adjust to the new timeline and features of the the new fan page setup.

You can view the entire list of changes here.

Admins you have until March 30, 2012 before your page will automatically get the Facebook Timeline.

I’ve been checking out the new Facebook profiles for pages, and have noticed that they have done away with the welcome pages. If you go to my Giveaway Tab application, you can see that you are taken to the welcome page. I have attached two pictures — one with settings from the new profile with no option for default landing tab, and one with the old with the option. A lot of pages used this default landing tab to get people to like their page.

via Industry Reacts To Premium Ads, Sponsored Stories For Mobile And Facebook Timeline Pages.

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