The Future of Content Curation and Aggregation

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Content curation has become a nice buzzword in the last year or so. Two guys who know a lot about the future of media and where it might be heading discuss the future of content creation and how newspapers will become extinct in the coming decades around the world.

Rob Dawson and Gerd Leonhard are both futurists and in this video they talk about the future of news:

Content Curation and Aggregation: the Future for News

In this fascinating discussion it is interesting to see that Dawson and Leonhard conclude that there is a bright future for news in terms of both demand and the propensity for consumers to pay for it whilst the transition to a new and undefined ecosystem will be both painful and challenging.

It is also clear that  content curation and content aggregation are going to continue to be key in the new ecosystem that is evolving.

via LingoSpot.

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